1. Initial Meeting

Firstly, we need to meet. This is how we learn about you, and you learn about us. We will gather your financial data, learn what your life goals are and identify how we can add value to your situation. This meeting is free of charge and comes with no obligation. We believe it is important that you are comfortable with the people who will be providing such a large and important input to your financial life and as such, we only do business with clients who really want to do business with us.

2. Tender Letter

We will provide you with a letter that details what the next step will be and how much it will cost. The letter is like a quote and details what service we will provide, (for example, creating a Statement of Advice) and what the costs involved will be.

3. Providing the Advice

Once we have received your approval to proceed to the next stage, we will begin analysing your details, evaluating alternative options and creating appropriate strategies to achieve your financial goals and objectives. These recommendations will be provided in writing and explained to you in person.

4. Implementing the Advice

Once you have advised that you wish to proceed with our recommendations, we will assist you with all the appropriate paperwork to put your plan into action. We will oversee and follow-up the implementation to ensure that everything is completed in a timely manner.

5. Ongoing Advice

Now that your initial recommendations have been implemented, the journey has only just begun. We will review your progress on a regular basis to ensure that your strategies are consistent with the current investment and economic climate. As your personal circumstances will continue to change, we will provide ongoing advice that is appropriate to achieving your lifestyle objectives and financial goals.

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