At Compass Financial we believe in providing investment options. This ensures that you will receive the most appropriate type of investment to achieve your investment objectives. We can provide advice on all the major asset classes, namely; Direct Equities (Shares), Managed Investments, Property Trusts, Cash and Fixed Interest (including Term Deposits).

By providing the right mix of assets for your situation we will assist you to achieve your financial goals with a level of risk that you are comfortable with. Money management and investment is a full-time occupation and investment advice is essential for anyone who is serious about achieving financial independence.

We will work closely with you on an ongoing basis to minimise tax and enhance investment returns. We don’t prepare your tax returns, but we will work with your Accountant to plan the best tax strategy.

Share Investment

We are able to transact direct equities listed on the ASX and access an extensive range of unlisted Managed Investments. It is these services that enable us to tailor investment portfolios to your investment style.

Our portfolio construction and individual share selections are based on comprehensive external research and ongoing recommendations are based on real-time changes that occur in the markets.

We pride ourselves on providing professional and timely advice to suit your personal needs. With thorough research and many years experience in the Australian sharemarket we are able to provide ongoing client-focused advice through the use of our Portfolio Admin service.